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~ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ~


Don't Hide Your Genealogical Information In Notebooks ---
Show it Off! In your own Custom Family Tree or Chart.

blrose.gif (955 bytes)  Can you use my family's genealogical information that I already have entered into
Family Tree Maker, Generations, PAF, Unltimate Family Tree or a similar genealogy program?  Yes!
That's the preferable way.  Just mail us (or e-mail as a file attachement) your family's information from
your genealogy program as a .ged (gedcom) or PAF file.

blrose.gif (955 bytes)All of my family's genealogical information is hand-written (or typed) on paper genealogy forms.
I do not have the information on the computer.  Can you still print my Family Tree?  Yes,  we "do" genealogy
ourselves so we easily understand the genealogy forms.  We would charge a fee of $50/hour to enter your
genealogical information.  As a guideline of time, a 6 generation chart usually takes less than half an hour
($25 or less) for us to enter.  In addition to your Family Tree, we than can also provide you with this part
of your family's genealogical information already entered into a computer file than you can use if/when
you are ready to put your additional genealogical information into a genealogy program.

blrose.gif (955 bytes)  What is the Quality of the Family Trees?  Each Family Tree or Chart is custom printed on high
quality acid free paper and is a beautiful keepsake ~ ready to frame and proudly display.

blrose.gif (955 bytes) I have trouble writing neatly enough when I try to fill in other blank family trees or charts.
How are your family trees different?
Don't worry about your handwriting! We fill in your Family Tree or chart with your
family's information that you provide to us.  No more trying to neatly fit your family's
genealogical information in thosestandardized pre-printed charts -
       We do the PRINTING for you!

Here is a sample of our text:ogSampletext.gif (3293 bytes)

blrose.gif (955 bytes)  What color of paper is available?  Can you print on canvas?  Paper color is available in a
choice of white or parchment.  We can also   print on canvas,  please contact us for a quote.

blrose.gif (955 bytes)  What style family trees do you have?  We have various styles to choose from, please
see our "Family Trees" page.   Or, you can design  your own (see below):
blrose.gif (955 bytes)  What additional items can be included in your family trees?  Other Options
(available for an additional fee, please call or write for quote):

blrose.gif (955 bytes)   How do I order my family tree?  Please go to our "order page" for ordering information.

What design would you like for your Family Tree?
Let us know, we can make it for you! by Olsongraphics - 2424 S. Krameria St. - Denver, CO 80222
303-759-4228                     e-mail: